Keran Wicks (Laino)

Business Leader

One of the most important things I’ve learnt over the years, is to believe in yourself, ask questions and follow your instincts. An enquiring mind, passion, intuition & strong work ethic have brought The Network Group to where it is today” – Keran Wicks.

With over 30 years experience in business behind her, Keran Wicks has seen off numerous threats, and pivoted The Network Group multiple times to tackle new challenges and exploit new opportunities.

Additionally, Keran has been a pioneer as a female business leader; what is now common-place was certainly not the case when Keran started her business career. As part of a new wave of female leaders, Keran and her peers’ disruption to the status quo can now be seen in boardrooms and management teams across the nation, as the glass ceiling was chipped away.

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Keran Wicks (Laino) - Keynote Address


Keran’s entrepreneurial nature led to on going evolution of the business and The Network Group was formed, growing beyond just the rental business. Since its inception, The Network Group now includes:

bulletpointNetwork Video – The largest rental group in Australia

bulletpointMoviesearch – One of the largest wholesale suppliers to the rental business

bulletpointDone Dirt Cheap DVD – Network’s on line retail site. My Video Store – An on line information resource for all movie supply rental & retail business

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Keran Wicks (Laino) - Coporate Speaker and Mentor


Countless times over her business career Keran has been asked to share many of the lessons she has learned over the years, whether it’s delivering keynote speeches at major conferences, speaking to smaller groups of business leaders, or via one-on-one mentoring.
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Keran Wicks (Laino)


bulletpointNetwork scooped the lion’s share of industry awards.

bulletpointThree National Marketing Awards.

bulletpointMultiple Rental Group of the Year awards.

bulletpointBRW’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies – 2013.

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Keran Wicks (Laino) - Corporate Presentation


As one of Australia’s leading businesswomen, Keran is often interviewed and asked to appear on radio and TV to give her thoughts across a wide range of topics. Here is a selection of the many media appearances Keran has made over the years.

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Keran Wicks (Laino) - Founder of The Network Group


Since its inception back in 1993, The Network Group has proven itself to be one of Australia’s most innovative, diverse and agile retailing groups.

Beginning as a successful alternative to established franchises in the world of movie rental, The Network Group now has many different divisions.

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Keran Wicks (Laino) during charity event Cans4Films


A dedicated philanthropist, Keran focuses on those most in need, where an immediate contribution can bring change or relief. Included are:

bulletpointNetwork’s charity, Cans4Films, has delivered over 150 tonnes of food directly to families in need.

bulletpointNetwork delivered over 10 semi-trailers of necessary goods and donations to those affected by the Black Saturday bushfires.

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