Business Leader

Business Leader

Keran Wicks is proof that hard work and determination are the prerequisites for success, going against all predetermined notions of “traditional” business leaders.

Founder and CEO of The Network Group, Keran Wicks is a true self-made business leader, and her story is truly unique.

After leaving school and home at just 13, she pumped gas at a petrol station before finding work in Melbourne’s fashion industry; it wasn’t long before Keran advanced from a junior position to management.

At 23, she was sacked by her employer for becoming pregnant. Keran became a test case for new unfair dismissal laws. The claim was subsequently settled out-of-court.

Keran began working part time in a video library and identified an opportunity selling second hand movies, starting a wholesale business from her car boot. As that business thrived, Keran soon expanded her operations into opening a warehouse and subsequently a rental store.

As business grew, Keran saw the inequality of being one of the biggest order books, yet paying more for product because she wasn’t in an established rental group; so she made her own.

In 1993, Network Video Home Entertainment was born – a rental group founded with the ethos of independence. Network became the leading player in the rental industry, whilst holding onto the principles and philosophies that engineered its success.

As the Network Group grew Keran drove the company into new areas – online retail, fitness, events, and small business solutions. And as part of a new wave of female leaders, Keran and her peers’ changed the notion that business leaders and management teams have to be predominantly male; across the nation, the glass ceiling was chipped away.

Keran’s forward-thinking attitude, unique perspective and strong work ethic have all contributed to The Network Group’s continued growth and success, and have seen her awarded by her peers on many occasions.

In today’s ever-changing business world, Keran’s strong and agile leadership sees The Network Group continue to thrive.