what people are saying

What people are saying

We recently had the pleasure of having Keran deliver a keynote presentation for the League of Extraordinary Women in Melbourne. We can’t thank Keran enough for her raw, honest, entertaining and enthralling description of her personal journey through the world of business from a very young age, right through to building one of Australia’s most successful companies. With a fabulous presentation style that is direct, funny, and authentic, Keran had our attendees hanging from every word, and in stitches more than once! Thanks Keran again for coming along and being part of an incredible evening.

From: Sarah Riegelhuth
Finance Expert I Entrepreneur I Author

Hello Keran,

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you but I wanted to say thank-you for sharing your story with the Women’s Network Australia team.

As a small business owner, I am so inspired to read about how Australian business women get to where they are by following the dreams they’ve had and especially grateful that they are prepared to share the paths they’d followed to help them get there.

Whilst reading your story I had to smile when I realised some of the similar traits we have – starting my ‘corporate career’ at 15 because in my eyes – school was all about socialising. Given the option of either study or work – well for me it was a no brainer (at least I got paid). Being a woman in the ‘man’s world’ of insurance had its own battles especially as my role consisted of seeing clients, most of which belonged to the ‘stuffy grey gentlemen club’ due to the aging industry and yes … this meant I had to cope with an annual golf day – yuck! (which by the way I had to play in – I can assure you my team wasn’t exactly impressed with my golf swing – let alone the knowledge of the game).

After ‘surviving’ the long hours that the corporate world can dish out and getting sick of ‘starting again’ when another company takeover was announced, the discussion of a family was on the cards but the idea of putting our children in childcare was simply not an option – this meant I had to ‘come up with an idea’ that was missing in the marketplace and as we had our fair share of hamper type companies that arranged the ‘no element of surprise’ wicker basket style gifts (as everything was on display), most of which contained more cellophane than products, it was time to ‘unleash’ my idea of stylish, enclosed gift boxes crammed full of awesome locally made products (not padding) which would travel well around Australia and as a result, Gossip Box was born.

Having Gossip Box as a home business meant I could raise “our little monsters” whilst doing my bit to bring in some sort of an income. I still can’t believe that was now nearly 6 years ago. Each day my passion is fulfilled doing what I love and I enjoy knowing that the choices I make helps others – as I’m a firm believer of if we all unite, everyone will benefit. My dream is far from being fulfilled but we have managed to ‘get this far’ and that gives me the strength and the courage to continue.

Keran, I do hope you are aware that people like yourself inspire people like me to get on with things when times are tough, rise above the daily challenges and more importantly that we can make a difference if we choose to.

Wishing you continued success with your business – you really have tapped into an awesome market – well done for not only having the courage to get out there and finding such a niche opportunity – but for believing in you!!!

Once again, thank you for making a difference …. to me.

Warmest regards,

Ilona Reid – Founder of Gossip Box

From: Ilona Reid
Founder of Gossip Box

Keran Wicks and her dynamic team at The Network Group have been outstanding in addressing the marketing needs of my business.  Keran is energetic, enterprising and extremely knowledgeable in business strategy.  She has been attentive and innovative helping me to build a successful business from the ground up.  The team has assisted me in logo and website development, SEO and social media, and have handled my business needs with care and compassion.  I would not hesitate to recommend the Network Group for all your business and marketing needs!

From: Dr Parvin Khinda
Kaya Cosmedica